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Advocating Tax Benefits for People that see a Primary Care Physician regularly

Healthcare costs are a concern for all of us. Mercer is a international healthcare consulting firm with some interesting ideas as to how to change our healthcare system so that everyone wins. In the article Direct Primary Care as a Strategy to Manage Cost

Mercer suggests that most individuals do not have a primary care physician that they use on a regular basis. By advocating a system where every individual has access to a PCP for a small monthly cost, they advocate that we can better address preventative care and ongoing management of chronic issues, thus reducing healthcare costs. I know that some individuals are already utilizing this through conceriege doctor arrangements. I do believe that ideas like this will help everyone in the long run better manage their care.

I believe that we need to futher incentize people to take better care of their health by giving them financial credits on their taxes. If we came up with a system that rewarded management of your health by loosing weight, excercising, or maintaining a proper BMI would it make you change your behavior?

Leslie S McMillan is a benefits broker specializing in the needs of individuals with ACA, Medicare, Life and Accident and small group insurance needs in North Carolina. She can be reached at 919-271-6898.

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