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Today, buying health insurance for you and your family can be overwhelming.  You might be looking because you've left your employer, moved into the area or decided that since medical claims are the number 1 reason for most bankruptcies, it's time to make sure your family is protected. Check out our Accident Plans as they work well with these deductible plans. 


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Is it hard to believe that your almost 65? Now, it's time to evaluate your Medicare options.  There's lots to do so don't wait until you turn 65 to start the process.  We can help you navigate through Medicare and assist you in selecting a plan that's right for you.  As brokers, we educate so you can make an informed decision, without a lot of pressure.  Give us a call!
Don't want to pay the premiums for an ACA Health Plan. Now you have more Health Insurance options. Read about these catastrophic health plans to see if 1.) You qualify and 2.) Whether they are right for you and your family. Check out our Accident Plans as they work well with these deductible plans. 
Dental Surgery
Whether you want an employer type dental plan or just a plan that coverages routine care, we have you covered.  Not sure if dental is right for you.  Remember that routine care for multiple children can be a significant expense. With most dental plans, preventative benefits like cleans are covered at 100%. 
Emergency Vehicles
If your health plan has a deductible that you must pay BEFORE any accident bills are covered, you need this plan.  Doctor visits, Urgent Care and Hospital bills are covered as long as you seek care within 72 hours of an accident. After a $100 deductible, this plan pays all your eligible bills up to the annual bank you select.  This plan is affordable, makes sense and is EASY TO USE.  Claims are processed within 15  days.  
Is Life Insurance something you need? Some people say no, but is that right for you? If you are not independently weathly, life insurance can provide financial protection for your family so that if you pass away, they can grieve without worrying about financial concerns.   Is the life insurance you get from work enough?  We will work closely with you to explain the differences product options available and help you to determine how much you might need.
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