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Telehealth Access to Doctors 24/7/365

$20 a month Per Family!

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Please note that when you click on the link you will be at the UHEALTHONE QUOTE SYSTEM.  The quote page is set to default to telehealth coverage.

We recommend that before you register each family member before you contact HealthiestYOU for assistance

If you would like the ability to talk to a doctor about a non-urgent medical concern the HealthiestYou Telehealth plan through UnitedHealthOne may be just the right option for you.  You can talk to a licensed certified doctor 24/7/365 about your concerns.  If it's medically appropriate, they can prescribe medication.  It's easy and it's available online via your cellphone or iPad. With the healthiestyou plan, your healthcare got a whole lot easier. Conditions that HealthiestYou can treat include:

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Download the HealthiestYou App

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