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2022 NC Health Insurance Options

Whether you call it, The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, or even the Marketplace, you can enroll in a plan when you have a qualifying event or during the annual open enrollment period. If you are eligible for a plan, any pre-existing health conditions are covered IMMEDIATELY, upon enrollment. You also may be eligible for federal tax credits that can reduce your monthly premium. 


If you apply before the 15th of the month, your coverage can start as the FIRST of the NEXT month. 

If you apply after the 15th of the month, your coverage will start the FIRST of the following month


  • Annual Open Enrollment for -

    • November 1st - December 15th of each year.

  • Special Enrollment Periods - You have 63 days from the date you lost your health coverage due to the following special events to sign up for coverage. 

    •  Special Enrollment Periods including

      • Losing Employer Health Coverage 

      • Getting Married

      • The primary subscriber passes away and you are currently covered under their plan

      • You moved to a new state or a new county that is serviced by your existing carrier

      • Someone in your family lost Medicaid coverage

      • Getting divorced - IF YOU WERE COVERED by your ex-spouse 

      • Qualifying for COBRA OR Losing Cobra benefits


The average deductible for 2021 is $8,550 for an individual and $17,100 for a family.  When you buy family coverage, the out of pocket expenses are "aggregated". This means that if there are two or more individuals on the plan and no one person reaches the INDIVIDUAL DEDUCTIBLE, medical expenses are the family's responsibility until the second deductible is paid. If NO ONE PERSON has medical expenses of $8,550, the family is responsible for the family deductible amount

  • In North Carolina, many of the ACA health plans require you to use doctors that participate in a regional provider network.  It is your responsibility to confirm whether your doctor participates

  • If your plan has out of network benefits, please note that the out of network deductible is 5x the in-network deductible.

 LSM Insurance Associates and Leslie S McMillan is an independent authorized agent/agency licensed to sell and promote products from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC).  The content contained in this site is maintained by Leslie S. McMillan. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. ® SM Registered Marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Association.

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