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Buying Life Insurance is more important than ever

I know that it's easy to postpone addressing issues that are difficult to think about. It took us forever to decide which relative would be Kayla's guardian in the event that if anything happened to us. Thinking about how your family might survive without you is not something we want to think about. I get that. With Covid-19, it makes a great deal of sense to explore your life insurance options. Sure, you may end up with over $1,000,000 in your 401K and the stock market will eventually go back up but what if it does not? What happens if life doesn't work as a grade B movie? Will your family need to rely on family members? Talk to your spouse. Are they ok with having to manage their own grief, the grief of your kids AS WELL as being the primary breadwinner?

Life Insurance is an excellent way to help create a cushion of protection, in the event that something unexpected occurs. Depending on your budget and your criteria, you can set up a plan for $100,000 or $1,000,000. It's your call. At the end of the day, the most important point is that you DID something. I talk to way too many individuals that tell me that "I meant to get around to it", We always meant to get some life insurance but there was never enough money. Take a step back, and think about what life would look like if you were killed in a car accident or got cancer. Will your family thrive or just survive without a life insurance policy. Thinking that someone will create a go fund me page. On average, these accounts generate less than $2,000. A life insurance policy can help pay the mortgage, ongoing monthly bills, medical expenses, or perhaps fund college or retirement. If all you have currently is life insurance through your employer (which will likely lose if you get sick or leave), or none at all, it's important to find out your options. Most people know about Term Insurance there are other life insurance products that may work better for you and your family. Here's a short video about Indexed Universal Life. Give me a call and we can review the best options for you. I don't care if you buy a term or IUL policy. What matters to me is that you protect your family. Think about it... I am the only person that will come to your funeral with a check!

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