Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is something that can help take the "BITE" out of expensive dental procedures you may not be expecting. We offer several great plans designed to work with your lifestyle and budget. Dental insurance is a valuable benefit as having coverage makes you more likely to visit the dentist, who can also identify warning signs for health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, and diabetes.

TRADITIONAL DENTAL PLANS pay 100% of preventative care once you purchase a plan but will have a waiting period for basic and major dental care. These plans are similar to those offered through employers with a percentage paid for basic services after a deductible and then the most expensive services are paid at 50% up to a per person limit per year.  If your reading this and are currently experiencing dental pain, consider a discount dental plan that has no waiting periods or pre-existing condition limitations.

DISCOUNT DENTAL PLANS We offer a variety of dental plan options designed to meet your budget. They generally do not have a waiting period, but you will need to use a participating dental provider.

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