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Looking to save $$ on Prescriptions. Here's some free resources that can save you big bucks.

Does your health plan include a deductible for prescriptions or are you uninsured. If so, you have some options for getting your medications. One option I like is You can download their app. I LOVE this app because you can use it when you are at the doctor's office. Let's say the doctor says that he wants you to take 40 mg of Lipitor which is a brand name drug that treats high cholestrol. You can ask him what dosage he wants you to take and using the various fields find you just how much a 30 day prescription will cost you at pharmacies near you. By using a name brand drug, the retail cost is $473.51 at a local pharmacy. Now the cool thing is that when you go back up to the search bar, you will see that Lipitor has a generic equivalent. (Yes, I know that some of you find that generics don't work as well but I personally have not had an issue.) Maybe because when I use the generic the 30 day cost is $9.00. Now you have the option of telling your doctor that you'd prefer to try the generic and if it doesn't work, you'll go to the name brand option. With GoodRx all you have to do is show the coupon codes to the pharmacts and you'll get the discounted price. You can print it or just give the pharmacist your phone with the app open. One time, I had a new drug prescribed and I actually paid for it. Then I remembered the GoodRx app and found out that the same drug was $14.00 less through I then got back in line, showed the pharmacist the discounted price and got a refund of $14 from the pharmacy.

Another App that does is similiar is through They offer a discount prescription app. You can save as much as 80% off the cast price of the drug. In additon the discounts also applies to over-the-counter medications. There are no fees or registeration. Just search for the NeedyMeds Discount Card App on the play store or on the app store.

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