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Telehealth included with Ambetter of NC Inc. ACA Plans

ARE YOU COVERED BY ambetter of North Carolina,Inc.? Don’t forget that your Ambetter health plan includes a Telehealth benefit through Teladoc. Don’t let minor health issues stop you from having a great summer. Telehealth is convenient, 24-hour access to in-network Ambetter healthcare providers for non-emergency health issues. It’s available for you to use when you’re at home, in the office or even on vacation. Get medical advice, a diagnosis or a prescription by phone or video. For more information, go to or call 800-835-2362. Contact Ambetter Telehealth for illnesses such as: Colds, flu and fevers, Rash, skin conditions, Sinus problems, allergies, Upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, Pink Eye, etc. Download the Teladoc app from the app store.

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