When surfing the web for life insurance, many people end up doing nothing because there is so much information! Many websites will provide you with great rates but without knowing your specific health history, the quotes may not be valid!  We are experts at evaluating your needs and helping you find a life insurance policy that provides you with the most protection you can afford.  If while evaluating your options you get frustrated and end up without doing anything, you need to call us. We can help sort it all out. Don't wait and wish you did something. Let us use our 30+ years of expertise to help you make your life insurance decisions easier!   



  • DON'T BUY THE LIFE INSURANCE FOR THEMSELVES. They buy it for the people they love.  

  • REALIZE THAT THEY MAY NOT SEE THE PROCEEDS OF THEIR POLICY.  They don't want their loved ones to struggle financially while dealing with the loss of a parent, spouse or child. 

  • DON’T WANT THEIR FAMILY TO BE BURDENED WITH THE FINANCIAL COST OF A FUNERAL. There are always costs involved when someone passes away.  Medical bills still must be paid and there are many other expenses.  In addition, an average burial costs $7,755 - $10,000 (NFDA 2018), while a simple cremation costs around $3,000.

  • REALIZE THAT THE LIFE INSURANCE PURCHASED THROUGH WORK WON'T BE THERE IF THEY QUIT THEIR JOB OR RETIRE AND IS LIKELY NOT ENOUGH FOR YOUR FAMILY.  Employers often provide a small life insurance policy up to $50,000 as part of their benefit package. If you get sick and have to quit working, that policy has been canceled!   When you buy an individual policy in your thirties or forties, you know that your family has what they need to meet personal financial obligations.  Plus, when you buy at a younger age, you get the best rates because your healthier and younger.

  •  WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR KIDS ARE TAKEN CARE OF AFTER THEY PASS.  Unless you have a substantial nest egg, life insurance will allow your family to maintain their standard of living. They won't have to move or stop doing the activities they love.  It provides a safety net for your spouse to help them process their grief, without having added additional financial stress

  • CAN PAY OFF DEBTS.  It can pay off a mortgage, medical & credit card bills.  It is also frequently used as colleteral in business to secure a loan or fund a partnership buyout.

  • BE USED TO PAY ESTATE TAXES.  The use of insurance for this purpose is common to pay the taxes on large estates.


THE PROCESS TAKES A WHILE. Some policies can be issued in just a few days while others can take six to eight weeks or even more. Once the underwriter has review the policy, you will be given a final rate.  At that time, you have thirty days to accept the policy or decline it.


DEVULGE A COMPLETE MEDICAL HISTORY. Always provide a complete health history to the application. Life Insurance carriers subscribe to many databases and can find out about criminal histories, past bankruptcies and health challenges from years ago.  Failure to reveal medical information, including smoking can mean that the policy will be contested by the insurer as having falsified your application.  

IF YOU HAVE SMOKED IN THE LAST YEAR.  Life Insurance policy premiums for smokers is generally higher than for non-smokers. The definition of a smoker is someone that has smoked cigarettes, cigars, (12 or more a year), use a Pipe, vape or use e-cigarettes, nicotine gum and the patch within the last twelve months.   If you smoke Marijuana, you are considered a smoker, but it does not preclude you from qualifying for life insurance.

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